Bucharest Snapshots – NAG 2018

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This weekend, in Bucharest there was this event: Noaptea Alba A Galeriilor

We had to go and inform everyone on what the word was, we started off at Galeria Galateca, with a nice exhibit by Mircea Moroianu.

The Central University Library was never this full! (hehe)


Walking around, as we always end up somewhere near the Atheneum, classical music and people fussing around caught our ear, Rotenberg-Uzunov were opening their doors to art-hungry locals … we bought a couple eclairs from the best place in town and enjoyed the show.

The Gallery binge went on, from house to basement to public space and everywhere, there were a few somebodies we could recognize everywhere and no one more.

We had to leave our mark!



Over at the Goethe Institute, Karpov not Kasparov were about to start their jam!


A little Picasso – comeback


Late nights, never knowing when the luck’s going to kick in.


Over at Scena9 there was this mash-up with different themed rooms, i enjoyed this one the most as my birthday is coming up and all I could read here was “Life is a conglomerate of numbers, and then you die”

Odeon Theatre had a nice gallery in one of its’ underground halls, curated by an architect, it sure felt like a theatrical exhibition, I had to do it justice and capture the space the way the artist intended it to be experienced.


Last but not least, we ended up at Instituto Cervantes , the place that we enjoyed the most, an exhibition that includes the model below as well as minimalist geometric paintings depicting architectural spaces or elements, I had to show you some but you really have to go and see the whole thing for your selves.