Taking over Gdansk – II

I have to say that Gdansk is one of the most photogenic places I’ve been so far, it is the kind of place caught between a tourist spot and a nice little town, it has the moderate influence of both worlds without being ruined by any influence.

The boat rides are a well-known tourist attraction both on and off the vessel. The interiors are a reminder of cheap buffets that used to function in the 90s.

The future shooting place for the Dune series

One of the best Italian places in town! Most accurate experience.

These places are so great, the milk stores of the communist era, reimagined as cheap cantinas, some really cheap and accessible to the low class, others just hip reminders of the hard times.

2018 tourist trap: lit up balloons

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Taking over Gdansk

This was the part of the journey that took us, just like many more before, to Gdansk, a cute little place off the Baltic Sea coast. The trip was long and so were the sunsets in the northern part of Europe, thankfully we were absorbed by the enthusiasm of having comfortable seats.

Good thing the sunrises were early and the days all the sunnier.

The parts of the city that were not reconstructed/ rehabilitated/ beautified looked like haunted buildings that still dwelled in the war era.

The waterfront is continually changing and upgrading.

Lounge chairs are the new park bench in Poland, they work well with summer.

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