Barcelona Snapshots – Travel Stories IV

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Having escaped the rain, the following day, we made for the hills. It was a challenging day both for our feet but also for the rapidly changing temperature, 16 degrees in the sun are nowhere close to what we knew from home and neither was the windy shade. Of course, no sun or wind or anything else was going to keep us from making it up not one but two of the best views that Barcelona’s topography can offer.

Park Guell is an interesting place but I have to be honest, the free zone is much better than the closed-off -tiled-up part, as most things in life are, for that matter. Going up through the park and coming down the stairs is a good workout as well, highly recommend this order, going up the stairs and down the hill does not seem fun at all.

A dream come true was the Barcelona Pavilion, it added up to all the modernist architecture landmarks I had the privilege to visit and it was worth it. Of course, walking out of that place and looking up at one of the most beautiful sunsets in one of the most beautiful cities, is something to live for.