Brussels Snapshots – Travel Stories I

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First of all this was the 7th of March, a whole other era COVID-19 wise, those were brighter, greener times we were living. Free and careless we visited Brussels and a lot of Belgium for that matter and just as good, now we have a lot of time to edit photos while not being stuck in traffic. We thought about canceling the trip but the threat did not seem just as big so we decided to give it a try. We got lucky, we’re both ok so far, although we kind of quarantined ourselves.

I have to say this even though a lot of people might disagree BUT Brussels is just a big Bucharest isn’t it? A lot of common points there, both positive and negative but a city of contrast. You either hate it or love it and hey, every experience counts. I’m not going to describe anything or underline my opinion here, instead I’m going to let the photos tell the story.