Chisinau Snapshots – Travel Stories

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August – the time to road trip and take up new hobbies, visit the world, change the face of the planet and plan for everything else left to do in the world besides everything that you have been doing since birth. I know it sounds part like a New Years speech but I think that summer is a better season for changes! So, get in your car or local public transportation unit and explore your nearest neighbor, in our case, Moldova.

We went out to visit the people, the culture and the wineries but we only had so much time on our hands and we had to set our priorities straight since we left. Wine first, ask questions later.

The first place we went to, first thing in the morning because you know that saying: “Early to rise, early to drink”,  was Cricova Winery, the largest in the Moldavian Republic if any of you ever visit I can recommend a tour, it’s interesting, it’s fun, it has wine, it’s a little bit cheesy but that goes with the wine.

Chisinau is a really interesting city, it has a weird feel to it, there’s this strong sensation that a part of it is traveling towards the future, a part is stuck in the former soviet union and there’s this part that doesn’t know where it is. I haven’t been to a city like this but I believe that I should travel more in the eastern states.