Romania Snapshots – Travel Stories

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Traveling back home we made a couple of stops, we needed some rest after all that wine and dine we had going on in Moldova so, a little sightseeing is always welcomed. The first stop is the Bicaz Dam and the very large lake behind it. A really nice view, if you ever have time or interest, there are a lot of things to be done in the area, including tours on the lake and occasional kayaking fests.

The Red Lake is one of the other stops we have made along our way, a fairly large accumulation of water in a valley as a result of a 19th century earthquake, the name comes from the river that formed it after the said quake tumbled down a part of a nearby cliff. The most interesting part about the lake is that the pine and fir trees that were trapped by the water still emerge slightly from the water, giving it and eery feeling.