The stormiest day of the year

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We decided to spend the stormiest day of the year on a road trip, a way of escaping the Easter lethargy that took over us along with food and lack of activity. We took a trip up north to visit one of our best friends and her furry companion, Pathé. While we were driving towards the snow, joking of how winter was coming and enjoying the cool mountain rain, the rest of the country was under severe storm warning, featuring a one of a kind tornado. We witnessed a snail drag race but we had to leave before the finish event. At about 1300m high, snow was still present. The road said closed but our hearts said go. The way up was closed some kilometers up the road, the snow covering a large part of the road and growing to an impressive thickness. On our way down, the rain took a break and we could walk around Vidraru lake, enjoying the autumn like scenery. As soon as we drove down, the sun was waiting for us with warm rays and one of the clearest days we’d ever experienced. It seemed like there were all four seasons in one, long day.