Travel Journal – Berlin I

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The great capital of Germany is our go-to place in case snow or rain is announced, this and the fact that Berlin is a fun and photogenic city that always has something left to explore and experience for the first time. Last time we went to visit we stayed in the most Berlin-esque place that happened to be on rent on the Airbnb website, this time we chose quiet and comfort and took up  a place  in  Moabit.

Traveling is always a pleasure and I find the S and U Bahn in the city to be some of the most interesting places.The train – always a good place to photograph interesting people.Wandering randomly from the airport to the hotel brings up new and interesting places that most certainly would be missed otherwise. As I was saying, the rain did not wait long until the meet and greet moment.We sheltered from the rain next to the Dome and under the large columns of the Altes Museum, while the sun put this great show on all the buildings around. The weather does not bother the locals, they keep biking and germaning. Always find a fresh new perspective for your travel photography, your readers will be thankful! Rebel against the rain! People love photographing themselves in front of the gate, photographing them doing that is something that I love.