Travel Journal – Berlin II

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The place to discover all the interesting and diverse characters of Berlin has to be the underground, I stand by this statement, as it seems to me, this is the scene where everybody acts natural, heading to other places, both mind and body.

We started the second day with art in mind, went to visit some of the new places we discovered since our last visit, another thing that makes this place so hard to get bored of is the amount of art that is thrown at you from every direction, you can even chose!
Visited the Feuerle Collection in one of Berlins’ bunkers that were converted to art galleries, a very interesting experience, both artistic and architectural. When we left the place, these two guys were just outside, made me think I wasn’t out yet. Some kids freestyling on the side of the river, under the Berlin sign, a really fun thing, the girls even posed but still slow on manual focus. Newspapers huh… what a glorious thing.One of the places I insisted we visit on this trip was the ICC, both the building and the passageway, a really interesting spot, retro brutalist vibe, and everything. When we went down the stairs we heard music and arrived in the middle of this music video shoot with the guy actually playing the guitar on spot. Near Potsdamer Platz there’s this small coffee shop – Balzac Cafe, that’s actually a big chain of coffee shops, but this one in particular we recommend, we owe them that.This blog is not at all sponsored by Carhartt WIP, although I would not mind it.