Travel Journal – Berlin III

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Dog days were over and so seemed the rainy one, for the moment at least. The plan is always enjoying the green side while it lasts so we were outside as soon as the sun left shade on the pavement. Well, after coffee and breakfast and brushing teeth. Sometimes this city slows really down and you look at it, a large mass of concrete staring back at you like you just walked into its lair intending on stealing some of its treasure. You feel its breath, alive, almost human… For all the telephone booths that fell in the war. Perfect spot for a car commercial, honestly.We had to get lost at the memorial, we always do. The sun was the main attraction of the day and so it went until it set, leaving us a nice rainbow and a multicolored cloud to wave us into night, it was amazing, that and the fact that we stayed dry throughout the day.
Had a fancy Pharmacy dinner in a cool new place. Bananas not really on sale, rather on wire.