Visiting Vienna – I

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The time is upon us, all gather round because December has started and all good thing, large and small are Christmas related for a full month! We could not have missed the opportunity to travel to one of the closest, most touristy places involving the said holiday – Vienna!

Here it goes, a lot of walking around, a lot of random people and the first thing that catches our attention once we emerge from the underground is the tram, so you will be seeing a lot of it from now on.

The Danube, a lot different than we know, you can find some of my other blog posts that portrait the river in a more rustic scenery.

Halfway through crossing the Danube, we were freezing over, good thing these guys have a bridge.

A more interesting subject – the restaurants and place we have visited look a lot different from what we expected them to be, less is more has to be the rule of thumb here.

Looked like there was a hard ride until the bus stop.

Loved the central lighting on the streets.

We spent the rest of the evening roaming around, looking for a place to eat, it’s easy to understand that without a reservation, you will have to hunt your dinner in Vienna … or order.