Visiting Vienna – II

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Cloudy mornings are the norm for November in Vienna but that did not stop us, we had so many things to do and see!

One thing that I might have not mentioned so far, Vienna is all about the Holidays, things were so ready for Christmas, presents formed all around the place and candy canes rained down from candy cotton clouds.

Vino, Wien, Vin, Wine, Wein.

The Christmas fair was pretty nice, one of the best yet, still not a big fan.

Walking around, we ended up at Universität Wien, where we pretended that we are still students and had a nice meal at the cafeteria, nobody cared if we were or not in fact students but we did!

Vienna is a real bike fest, there are bikes everywhere no matter the weather.

The Museumsquartion is a great place to discover, we have not had the chance to walk and visit all around but it is sure on another visits list.

Exploring the city was one of the most interesting things, the urban and social aspect of it had me by surprise, my expectations we surpassed by much, I believe it is a city that could not bore me at all if I were to start exploring it.