Visiting Vienna – III

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Walking the streets of Vienna you get a sense of calm, harmony, comfort. This can be self-explanatory if you consider the social and economic aspect but you have to realize what people can do or refrain from doing only in relation to their medium.

Here’s a nice Citroen 2CV6 Charleston Sedan

One of the places that attracted us like moths to a flame was the Palmenhaus, which we visited a couple of times, only the liquor bar.

It’s all fun and games but nothing says Vienna after a whole day walking around like an authentic street-vended wurstel!

And after a meal like that, you are all set for another adventure!

Come night we had to take shelter back at the camping site, half frozen and tired, we took a well-deserved leap inside the coffee mug that we missed so much all day.

Having done all these, walked around more than a delivery boy on a Black Friday, we retreated in the arms and comfort of the beds.