Visiting Vienna – VI

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Winter time was kind enough to us as to allow exploring the city up and down, east and west. Finding new places or just going over and over the same streets discovering something new every time.

Being of a curious nature, we even explored the Theme Park at Prater, a place I would not recommend but I loved the fact that it was somewhat empty, making a perfect place for eery photos.

Early the next morning, the rain had started, still no problem for walking around, we had our caps on.

One of the places that I longed for seeing is the Vienna University Campus, designed by a bunch of well know architecure offices, it is a places that fascinates all minds.


This post is not sponsored, not related in any way with Coca-Cola, one of the most popular and successful soft drinks on the planet.

The trains were always our good friend, shelter from the cold and the rain, a safe way home and a good view of the underground.