Visiting Vienna VII

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One of the best things around Vienna is architecture, all built areas have something that invites you in, offers you some coffee and a good conversation. The more interesting fact is that they really do know how to treat the vintage one.

After a few raindrops, the snow came, only to give the city a more interesting look.

I have to consider this one of the best photos of 2018, maybe not everyone can see this but it’s one of my favorites.

The feeling when there’s no coffee …


While saying goodbye to our good friend, had to take this photo, although she was exiting Austria, not entering.



With one evening left of our trip, the one place left to visit was screaming on top of our list, the Schonbrunn with it’s fair, american┬átourists and eggnog.

The night ended in this place that we loved a lot, it was full of plants, people, nice vibes and occasional rodents that made friends with the palms.

That was about it for Vienna, one of the most extensive photo portraits I’ve done about a city so far, besides Bucharest, of course, but it is one of the most interesting places if you pay enough attention, the next destination is not set yet but hopefully it will be as interesting as this one and will turn this blog in a travel journal.